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ROGER BOLTON’S BEEB WATCH podcast has become “an essential companion to the news cycle”, according to a review in the Telegraph. The podcast aims to spark a conversation about the role of public service broadcasters (PSB) in the age of the internet and streaming services. Against the backdrop of devastating cuts implemented by the BBC due to the financial squeeze imposed by government, the podcast seeks to understand who decides the future of PSB and whether the public will have a say.

As a former editor and broadcaster at the BBC and ITV, Roger’s decades of experience enable him to extract jaw-dropping revelations from the past and insights for the future from former colleagues who are critical friends of PSB, including Stephen Fry, Joan Bakewell, David Dimbleby, and Melvyn Bragg. Influential figures from different sides of the debate outline their vision, including former BBC Director Generals Sir Mark Thompson and Tony Hall, Charles Moore, Sir Peter Bazalgette, and Dorothy Byrne. We’ve also spoken to some of the biggest names in journalism: David Aaronovitch, James Naughtie, Samira Ahmed, Ritula Shah, Michael Crick, Paul Mason, Alan Rusbridger, Rory Cellan-Jones, David Shukman, and former insiders such as Sir Craig Oliver and Katy Searle.

This weekly podcast responds to controversies as they arise, generating extensive media coverage from interviews across the press and broadcasting industry, including the BBC itself. Roger has become a commentator in his own right, with regular opinion pieces in the Guardian and interviews on many outlets.

Revelatory, incisive, and compelling, Beeb Watch is succeeding in its mission to inspire and influence a debate about the future of PSB.

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Peter Yorok Culture Wars House Party

Coming soon …

“PETER YORK’S CULTURE WARS HOUSE PARTY” podcast is all about Peter’s cultural preoccupations which range from how political Culture Wars are waged, to the reputational currency of clever celebrities, to the best sources of suede loafers in St James’s. He’ll be hosting people he admires and people he wants to argue with and people who like to natter about the correct placement of buttons.

Peter York is the author of “Dead Cat – Culture Wars and how not to lose them.” However, his influence extends back to the 1970s, where he pioneered the role of ‘style editor’ at Harpers and Queen magazine, alongside co-author Ann Barr. Together, they penned the era-defining sensation, “The Official Sloane Ranger’s Handbook,” which became the bestselling trade book of the 1980s.

Throughout the decades, Peter has continued to leave his mark on the cultural landscape. He’s authored numerous books and presented several TV programs, including the nostalgic gem “Peter York’s Eighties” in the 1990s.

More recently, Peter has shifted towards more serious subjects, tackling issues such as “The War Against the BBC,” co-authored with Professor Patrick Barwise, and the thought-provoking “Authenticity is a Con.”

Join us as we explore the multifaceted world of Peter York and his enduring contributions to cultural discourse.

Good Egg Productions - Melvyn Bragg

Melvyn Bragg

On Beeb Watch, Melvyn Bragg discusses arts programming and the future of the BBC.
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Good Egg Productions- Joan Bakewell

Joan Bakewell

On Beeb Watch, Joan Bakewell discusses faking phone-ins and the evolution of broadcasting.
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Good Egg Productions - Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

On Beeb Watch, Stephen Fry discusses JK Rowling, cancel culture and the future of public service broadcasting.
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Good Egg Productions - Sir Mark Thompson

Sir Mark Thompson

On Beeb Watch, Sir Mark Thompson, former BBC DG and soon to be CEO and chair of CNN, the US news channel, discusses democracy and free speech.
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Good Egg Productions - Samira Ahmed

Samira Ahmed

On Beeb Watch, Samira Ahmed, BBC ‘Newswatch’ and ‘Front Row’ presenter on BBC coverage of the Huw Edwards story, accountability and pay inequality.
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Good Egg Productions - Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil

On Beeb Watch, Andrew Neil, veteran broadcaster discusses politicians as presenters, PSB and his future.
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