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Martha Kearney, BBC Radio 4, World at One Presenter

“I am very proud of the documentaries which I made with Kate Dixon for the BBC. Gordon’s Women made a splash with the criticisms made of the Labour Prime Minister by some of his colleagues as well as the admission by one that he flirted with her.

I really appreciated Kate’s persistence and journalism in that project as well as our more recent programme ‘New Wave at Westminster’ about the 2015 intake. This was a very fast turnaround but Kate managed to find fascinating characters for us to follow.”

Shaun Ley, BBC Radio 4, World at One Presenter

“Politicians are instinctively wary of journalists. As she demonstrated on Labour Saving Devices, Kate Dixon has a knack for putting people at ease, getting them to talk candidly. She is also an organised and self-disciplined programme maker, working as effectively on her own as she does in a team. Kate Dixon is a producer you can trust.”

Rory Cellan Jones, BBC Technology Correspondent

“Kate is a skillful and experienced producer with a strong background in journalism. She is also great at managing talent and working to challenging deadlines.”

Dixipix Radio - Making it work

Making it work

The reality of being an entrepreneur serving the”bottom billion” – a new mini-series from The Compass on the BBC World Service.
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Dixipix Radio - Who runs Labour?

Who runs Labour?

Roger Bolton looks back at Labour’s civil war in the 1980’s and considers whether there is currently a re-run.
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Dixipix Radio - The Nervous Breakdown of the Internet

The Nervous Breakdown of the Internet

Modern life relies on internet security. But cyber-criminals have rocked confidence and revealed shocking complacency. Edward Lucas explores how trust can be restored.
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Dixipix Radio - New Wave at Westminster

New Wave at Westminster

A documentary with Martha Kearney following six of the new intake of MPs, recording their experiences, exploring their hopes and seeing whether this class of 2015 are going to make a difference.
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Dixipix Radio - Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

A Radio 4 ‘Profile’ programme with Rory Cellan-Jones on Michael Acton Smith, the Moshi Monsters entrepreneur.
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Dixipix Radio - The Dark Side of Diplomacy

The Dark Side of Diplomacy

Lyse Doucet speaks to the politicians, diplomats and activists who have had to deal with the worst tyrants in modern history – from Saddam Hussein to Slobodan Milosevic – and finds out how they coped with it.
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Dixipix Radio - The Labour Saving Devices

Labour Saving Devices

Shaun Ley explores what the Labour Party has to do to revitalise itself in opposition in the light of historical precedents. Contributors include Neil Kinnock, David Blunkett and Roy Hattersley.
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Dixipix Radio - Gordon's Women

Gordon’s Women

Martha Kearney examines Gordon Brown’s relationship with women in ‘Gordon’s Women’.
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